A Shelter Full of Hope and Promise

Bruce – Adopted January 2015


Bruce came to Wag in December 2014 with his six siblings and mom. One of the smaller ones of his litter, he gained the nickname Bruce Almighty. Bruce’s owners have few words to say about their first year as a family.

Bruce was kind of like our late Christmas present to ourselves last year. And he has definitely been the best one I’ve ever received. For a puppy he has been very laid back and has fit right into our lives. He is super food motivated and every time we pull out treats his little tongue pokes out of his mouth, or his teeth kinda quiver. Needless to say he is a big fan of pretty much anything edible (fruit, veggies, olives, he has become expert at picking blackberries off the bush). I am an artist, so he has taken on the roll as the studio dog. He walks with me to work every day, hangs out while I paint, and greets any clients I have with tons of enthusiasm. His favorite things are going to the dog park (he gets along with everyone), going to doggy daycare once a week, howling at firetrucks, and going for trail runs and hikes where he is fantastic off leash. All in all Bruce is a fantastic guy that is game for anything and loves everyone. We are so happy to have him and look forward to lots and lots of adventures with our long legged Bruce : ) P1010113 photo 1





Image above courtesy of Tanya De Leeuw Photography



BRUCE (5) cheif image (4) run twin lakes