A Shelter Full of Hope and Promise




Breed: Mastiff Mix
Gender: Male
Age: Approx. 8 years old
Size: XL



Energy Level: Medium, but could increase as I start to feel better!
Training Goals: Basic manners, settling in and adjusting to a more urban environment
House trained? Yes
Kids? Yes, with proper supervision and seperation
Cats? Yes, with proper supervision and seperation
Dogs? Yes, with proper supervision and seperation
Medical Needs: Recovery from recent injuries, upcoming neuter and dental, anything else recommended by the vet!

About Me:

Hi I'm Brew!

I am the latest recipient of WAG's Critical Care Program, a fund 100% supported by community donors to help injured and sick animals in need. I arrived at WAG after being attacked by a group of dogs so I was rushed to the vets and spent several hours having tests, being cleaned up, stitched up and fitted with a drain. The worst of it is my front right leg, my muscles were ripped and I was knuckling alot, with no option to amputate due to my large size. I was in a lot of pain, so was given a cocktail of antibiotics and painkillers and came back to WAG for a big well deserved sleep. Even though I was seriously injured, I welcomed pats and cuddles and will greet every new human I meet with a big waggy tail!

It has been nearly a week since my ordeal and I am already feeling so much better. I am up and about, going on short walks and standing flat on my foot instead of knuckling.

I love naps and cuddles, and my energy levels are increasing so I am enjoying walks and fun times outside. So much that sometimes the hardest part is getting me to come inside and rest up! I am wearing a cone to stop me itching my scabs, but that is all part of the process.

I am the sweetest boy, I seek affection and want to be near my human carers all the time. They have been making sure I feel comfortable when I see other dogs around, as I may be weary after the attack, but I am pretty happy go lucky and am a strong, brave boy.

I am looking for a home that will keep me safe and love me forever. I am healing every day but am having a checkup this week to remove my stitches and make sure I am on track. Please keep an eye on my profile for further updates.


My Perfect Match:


- A family with patience and understanding that I may need time to adjust to my new surroundings and that I am in recovery

- Loves big beautiful dogs who enjoy cuddles and adventures

- Will be able to help me in my recovery and rehab

- Will keep me safe and love me forever, no matter what!

- Eager to learn more about dog body language so you can understand what I'm communicating to you

- Be proactive with my training, using a WAG approved trainer that will help me gain confidence and give my family the tools they will need

- Be ready for a long term commitment to Brew

- Will keep me healthy and happy with proper exercise and yearly vet visits

If you're dedicated to providing a safe home using only fear-free, positive reinforcement training methods, please fill out an application below:


My Story:

After being attacked by a group of dogs resulting in life threatening injuries; a concerned community member reached out to WAG to enable me to access the medical help I so urgently needed. 

WAG is now fundraising for Brew's medical costs, medication, aftercare, rehab and more. If you are not in a position to adopt Brew, please consider donating for WAG'S Critical Care Fund to help Brew and other animals like him get the second chance they deserve.