A Shelter Full of Hope and Promise

Belle aka Hayleigh – Adopted July 2017

Belle was surrendered to WAG at one of our Wellness Clinics along with her mom and 4 other siblings. There were initially 9 puppies in Belle's litter, however 4 of her siblings died before they were brought to WAG's care. All of the remaining 5 pups and mom were in rough condition: malnourished and severely dehydrated. Everyone was watched closely during the first 24 hours at WAG, as we knew these were the most critical hours. Thankfully all pups made it through the night and continued to thrive while at WAG. As they became healthier, their energy and in turn playfulness increased. Our "Beauty and the Beast" litter did not stay around WAG for long, all puppies were adopted after a few weeks. Belle and her sister Plumette were the first of the litter to be adopted. Although they went to separate homes, family members adopted the girls so they still get to grow up together. The following is an update from Belle's, now Hayleigh, mom.

20170709_133815 (1)
I thought you all might like to hear how Hayleigh is doing since we adopted her a couple of months ago. She is getting so big now! Growing up way too fast.
She loves her kitty Mylie and Mylie follows her around just waiting for cuddles but mostly receives slobber instead. Only took half a day for them to be best friends. 
Hayleigh has learned sit, lay down and leave it. We are currently working on shake a paw, which is slow going but she will get it soon.
Piper (Plumette) and Hayleigh love when they get play time together and they still snuggle when its time for naps. Piper is doing well with her training as well.
I can't thank you guys enough for allowing me to adopt this adorable little baby. I love her dearly.