A Shelter Full of Hope and Promise

Bailey AKA Loki – Adopted March 2017


"First of all I've gotta thank you for introducing me to such a wonderful dog.

He's my amazingly fantastic beauty, inside and out.  Loki has been a gem. 

Where do I start?  He makes us laugh every day.  He's Madra's little inseparable brother.  He's a sweet, loving soul.  He loves people of all ages.  He's awesome with my cat who occasionally looks for him to play with.  He screams when I come home.  He's a superstar in the advance course of Focus training.  He's great with toddlers and young children.  He loves all dogs and seems to know when to stay away from some.  
The terrier in him occasionally shows up, or more than likely his age.  We took the dogs on a one month camping trip through the prairies.  When invited for dinner at my in-laws, he snuck into the kitchen to take down a full pork roast!! Haha, luckily everyone took it well. "
IMG_20170827_161206242 (1)

Bailey always greet everyone with a tail wag! He would eagerly stop and say hi to strangers if it meant getting love from them. He loved stuffed toys, adventures outside, cuddling with people, and treats. Bailey knew some tricks but needed a little more help with basic manners. In his 4 months of life, he was bounced  between multiple homes prior to coming to WAG. Despite being moved around, Bailey was a happy puppy that brought a smile to everyone's face. It didn't take this boy too long to find his forever family and we predicted that from the first moment we met him.