A Shelter Full of Hope and Promise

Bailey – Adopted June 2021!



Breed: Oriental Mix
Gender: Male
Age:  Unknown, 5+ 
Size: Medium

Energy Level: Medium
Litter trained? Yes
Kids? Unknown, can play rough

Cats? Unknown
Dogs? Unknown
Medical Needs: Finishing this round of boosters, then continuing with yearly check ups.

About Me:

Hi, I'm Bailey!

I am new to the shelter and still settling in.

I have had a rough month, I came into WAG's care after sustaining an injury to my eye, how this happened,
I know, but unfortunately can't tell you! After a few days of overnight care thanks to the Pemberton Vet Clinic
I received the best care and was brought to the WAG. Since being here, I had to take medication and wear a stupid
cone, while I complied, I was pretty unhappy about my situation. I woke up to a double whammy of no eye and getting neutered.
Now my stitches are out, my cone is off and I am MUCH happier.

I spend lots of my day napping on the high perch of my tower. I LOVE feeding time, truly my favorite time of the day
is breakfast then my next favorite time is dinner.
I am not impressed that the tasty treats are enclosed in a silly container I can't get into....jokes on you humans,
I found out I can knock it off the counter and a treat EXPLOSION occurs, then I get all I want!

I like head and chin scratches and a nice lap to sit on, please don't touch my belly though.

I can be a gentle, but sometimes I'm a little cheeky and like to be a little rough. This is usually during play and was probably reinforced when I was younger by having humans play with their hands as toys. I will need time, patience and kindness while I learn that being rough during play is not okay.

The love, warmth, food, water, and cozy beds they have given me make me feel happy and I am becoming much braver.
There’s been a lot of changes in my life recently and I would very much like to be adopted by people who understand
that time and patience, combined with love and respect is very important for me.

Please be patient with me while I gain confidence and start to show my true personality.

Keep an eye on my profile as I'm sure things will change the more they get to know me.


My Purrrfect Match

- Provide me with as many beds/napping spots I may wish for in my forever home – preferably with a view and some sun!
- Understand that I may need a little bit of time to settle into my new surroundings
- Provide me with endless hours of play or cuddles, whichever I prefer!
- Give me space when I've had enough cuddles and play
- Is ready for the 10+ year commitment
- Enjoys the company of sassy boys
- Keep me safe, enriched and healthy
- Continue to monitor my health throughout my life
- Give me a safe home forever and ever


My Story:

Bailey was brought into our care due to an injury he received to his eye. He's had a rough month with the recovery,
he was not a big fan of the cone, but he has healed up well!
Now that Bailey is on the mend he is ready to find a home that he can call his own!

If you can't adopt, please consider donating to our Critical Care Fund! This fund is always in need of donations,
this way we never have to think twice about taking in animals that will have extensive veterinary bills.