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Asher’s Fundraiser

ashers fundraiser

Thank you to everyone who participated in Asher's Fundraiser! We reached 28% of our fundraising goal - woohoo!

Asher's Fundraiser

My name is Asher! I am a 12-year-old male kitty. I was left unsupervised with a large teenage dog who didn't know how to act around cats and suffered a painful broken leg! But the worst part was that I was left without the necessary surgery for ELEVEN DAYS...Thankfully WAG's Critical Care Fund was there to help, and I was able to have my operation, just in time - they saved my leg!

WAG asked for your help to replenish their Critical Care Fund, which was there to help me in my time of need. We were hoping to reach our goal of $3000 which will cover the cost of my surgery, medications, and aftercare, and we raised 28%, that's $850!


If you are interested in adopting Asher, check out his full profile HERE!