A Shelter Full of Hope and Promise


"Hello, my name is Asher..."

My Story:

"I was left unsupervised with a large teenage dog who didn't know how to act around cats which resulted in me being bitten, causing multiple fractures to my leg. The worst part of the story was that I was left without the necessary surgery for ELEVEN DAYS. Thankfully I was finally surrendered to WAG who used money from their Critical Care Fund so I could have my surgery. If I had waited any longer, I may have lost my leg. Instead, I have a plate and screws and my leg is 4-5 mm shorter, leaving me with a permanent limp. I have been recovering at WAG and now with a foster home. I feel spoiled with all the cuddles and love I'm now getting.

WAG is now asking for your help to replenish their Critical Care Fund, which was there to help me in my time of need."

Where your donation will go:

Orthopedic surgery
Bandage Changes
After care