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Guardian Angel Medical Sponsorship

We all know veterinary expenses can add up quickly.

When you decide to become a Guardian Angel to one of our animals with urgent or lifelong medical needs, your contribution directly funds their medical care while at WAG.

Whether it be providing them with emergency surgery to save their life, or funding their daily medications, whatever they need...

You will be there.


Your gift of $35 will ensure that there are funds available for Critical Care; when disaster strikes and lives are on the line.
Often dogs and cats find themselves in this situation with no one willing or able to pay for their vital and urgent medical care. That is when WAG is called and your gift becomes the lifeline for that animal.

Your gift will also ensure there are funds for Compassionate Care; long-term, non-life-threatening medical care while they live at WAG.
As long as they are healthy and happy, there is no time limit for animals at WAG. Funding is needed to provide long-term medical support, such as daily medications or regular blood tests.


For Them:

  • Medication
  • Surgery
  • Examinations/Follow up appointments
  • Physical Rehabilitation
  • X-Rays
  • Specialist Appointments
  • Bandaging & Wound Care
  • And more!

For You:

  • Your Choice of Plush Dog or Cat
  • Framed, glossy photo of a Critical or Compassionate Care Animal
  • Personal Story of your Featured Animal
  • Welcome Letter
  • Official Guardian Angel Sponsor Certificate
  • The Warm Feeling you get Knowing your Saving Lives!

Choose your furry friend to take home!


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These unique sponsorship packages are available for only a $35 donation. To order one, please contact us or drop by the shelter during open hours.

Thank you for your support!