A Shelter Full of Hope and Promise

May – Adopted July 2013

May came to WAG with her litter-mates who were born, and were living, outside on a back porch in a very isolated area.  Because of this, they had very little  contact with any humans, and were feral when they were brought in.  They would cower and growl in fear whenever we came near, and cringe at every touch.  With time, patience, lots of treats, and some “forced cuddles”, May and her sister April very slowly began to trust us and get used to human interaction and touch.  Soon they were not running away or growling, and eventually they learned to love it!  May became good friends with the other dogs at the shelter, and became a busy, happy puppy, until one day she found her perfect Forever Home:

“…despite having some setbacks when her big sister Sasha passed away in November, she has, like the little trooper she is, rallied! Here is May (on the right) with her BFF, Ellie, who came to us in December from a rescue in Washington state. They are lovely together. They are hoping to come for a visit this spring!”